About esscentric

esscentric is your one-of-a-kind, born-and-bred Hong Kong aromatherapeutic perfumery and wellbeing brand. A labour of love by professional aromatherapist Jodie Chan, the perfume house sets out to create bespoke blends that celebrate eccentricity, audacity, and wellbeing on physical, mental and spiritual levels.  esscentric’s products stems out from the staple essential oil perfumes, bath & body series, home fragrances, skincare and travel essentials, and the list will go on. Coming in bold, edgy designs and no-nonsense formulas, the brand stays true to its rule-of-thumb principle: using solely 100% pure essential oil and mostly natural ingredients in all products. 


Founder’s Story 
Think self-efficacy, think esscentric’s mastermind. 
Meet esscentric’s founder Jodie Chan, who is also known as an Holistic Aromatherapist (qualification that is recognized worldwide by IFPA-ENGLAND, NAHA-USA, NZROHA-NEW ZEALAND), Usui Reiki Practitioner, Bach Flower Remedies - Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP) and Barre Body - Barre Instructor . None of these identities were mapped out in Jodie’s life plan, but coincidentally they are all products of her passion, intuition, and eccentricity. An embodiment of grace and spiritual awakening herself, Jodie is a living proof of well-being and the healing powers of her eclectic scents.
esscentric was born out of Jodie’s personal quest-slash-difficulty in finding her signature perfume. In the same spirit, Jodie crafts every irreplicable scent with her gifted sensibility and unparalleled dedication that make a cut above options available in the market. Jodie has created two staple collections of esscentric’s signature perfumes, and now broadening its product spectrum to bath & body products, home fragrances, skincare and travel essentials, all dedicated to the rebels and the audacious.