What’s the best way to use esscentric essential oil perfumes?
Apply to your skin along the neck and wrist pulse areas, your body heat will activate the scents, assisting them to radiate naturally and smoothly.

How long does it last?  
Due to the zero alcohol nature of all esscentric fragrances, normally they activate over the course of about an hour, this may vary though depending on your body heat. 

How long will a bottle last on average?
With regular usage, one 5 ml bottle of perfume oil should last for approximately 3 months.

Can I mix more than one esscentric perfume oil?
We encourage you to apply 2 scents simultaneously, as layering the fragrances can achieve some of the best results. Here are some of our favourite combinations: Chamuse + Jassom / Ambertus + Rosanium / Sandalver + Nerocense.

Why use natural perfume oil?
In this century, we have many choices of perfume. Almost all of them however, are created using synthetic ingredients.   

Many of the "original" versions using pure essential oils were discontinued in the last few decades.  esscentric’s fragrances are made from 100% pure essential oil diluted in golden jojoba oil.  This is the most direct way in which the the oils can be absorbed into your skin.

Our scents are created without additives, emulsifiers, or chemicals, they are perfectly suited for people with allergies to commercial chemicals.

“Perfume for Rebels” is our philosophy and we feel that in this day and age, it’s rebellious defy what we're told and what we're sold. Going back to our human instincts. Back to nature. With that in mind, we bring you our individually infused essential oils, sourced from around the world. These blends are created to accompany your modern lifestyle, your fashion sense and your personality.