Lifestyle - Retreats Program

Wellness Retreats Program

One of contemporary holistic beautiful and sustainable wellness retreats program help awaken our body/mind/soul for modern humans.  

We offers comprehensive personalized retreats to cultivate self-awareness, mind training, and eventually help guests reach mind transformation.  Nourish our body & soul and reconnect to true self and inner voice in their own way and own time, creating a personal retreat in profound peace and silence.  

The range of wellness programs offered are designed to maintain or improve specific emotional, physical, and mental health conditions by different ancient and contemporary healing method.

Meanwhile, blended with daily luxury lifestyle need with art & music culture, plus inspirational programs and events, including the most tasty healthy food on the planet.  Definitely help rejuvenation and restoration for you.


Programs included:  

- plant-based cuisine (soul food)

- Body: massage / spa (aromatherapy / Ayurveda / Reiki) & workout    

  (pilates / barre / yoga / animal flow / HIIT)  

- Mind: workshop (natural perfume / flower remedies / soul food ) 

- Soul: workshop (meditation / sound healing / spiritual activities) 


*** Please email us for details